Book Printing & Quality control of printed materials is one of our specialties.  Souptank Publishing Services being based in Nashville, Tennessee works directly with the the most experienced book and distribution companies in the United States.  SoupTank will oversee and ensure final product quality and accuracy, and can easily be onsite during critical print production phases.

Currently, we offer deals through this site on the most popular sizes and features, but of course we'd be happy to help with any more custom book designs.  Our book deals include:  6"x 9", 5" x 8", and 5.5" x 8.5 trim sizes, Full Color Glossy or Matte Covers, Interior B&W printing on #50 creme or white paper stock.

Pre Press & Print Design Tools

Paperback Print Cost Calculator

A reference to understand what it will cost to professionally print your book with Souptank Press.


Paperback Spine Allowance Calculator

A design reference too to ascertain the proper spine allowance in designing the cover for your book.


Book Print, Design & Setup Guide (PDF)

A guide to book printing technical requirements & considerations.

Book Printing Management by Souptank press
Book Printing Management by Souptank press