Content Layout & Formatting Considerations

SoupTank Publishing Services can create a custom interior for your book. This interior will include chapter titles, headings, page numbers and other layout details that will ensure your book meets industry & print standards.

The most critical component of this process is ensuring the margins are correct and that the content of the book flows and falls on pages in a desirable way in the areas of design balance, readability and correctness.  Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that these final layouts are reflected properly in the Table of Contents and/or in any indexes that may accompany the manuscript.

Souptank layout specialist will need to insert images/tables/formulae (up to the number of image insertions included in your package) and conduct some manuscript clean up formatting to ensure readability and flow of material.

To ensure that any images you submit are clear and crisp after printing, these images will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Submitted separately from your manuscript as a TIFF (.tif) file format
  • CMYK colorspace
  • 300-dpi resolution
  • Written copyright permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) to use the work on your book cover.

Layout Cost Estimate